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Preparation tips for this winter
materials and physical fitness

Here are a few good tips on getting yourself ready to make the most of your stay in the mountains!

Any sports activity that you enjoy all year long will provide you with the basic stamina that you need. Prefer low intensity sports such as cycling, jogging, walking, trail running or mountain biking.
A well-balanced diet with plenty of fresh water and regular stretching exercises will not only make you feel better, it will help you to avoid stiff muscules and injuries.

Equipment in good condition is essential for your safety and enjoyment, so don’t forget to remove the batteries from your avalanche transceiver at the end of the season to prevent deterioration and remember to replace them with new batteries at the beginning of the winter. If you use your transceiver regularly it is important to change the batteries as soon as the energy level is down to 50% as, once below this level, the transceiver will not perform as well should you need to use it in search mode.

Be sure to wax your skis and to sharpen their edges regularly to avoid tiresome clumping when the snow is sticky.

A 30-litre rucksack, a water bottle, a few high-energy snacks and sunscreen are the basic necessities for all activities.

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